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SpyAnywhere is a powerful web-based remote administration and monitoring software tool that can be used in a multitude of ways. Parents, spouses, employers, network administrators, and personal computer users are just a few examples of people who use SpyAnywhere for their remote monitoring needs. Below are some popular uses for our SpyAnywhere software.

Monitor your Children's Computer Usage

As a parent, you always wonder about how your child uses the computer. With our software you do not need to wonder anymore. With SpyAnywhere you can remotely connect to your computer - even from your workplace - and see what your child is doing on the computer in realtime. You can see what programs they are running, windows they have open, websites they are visiting, and more. You can even remotely lock them out of the computer if they are doing something inappropriate.

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Track your Employee's Activities

Our spy software can be used for employee monitoring. It can make sure employees stay on task and do not abuse business machines and work time. Monitoring policies can be set in place to let employees know that they may be being watched, or they can be monitored in complete stealth without their knowledge. From a central location, you can remotely manage and control employee's activities if they are getting out of hand.

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Web-based Remote Monitoring

SpyAnywhere allows you to remotely, via your web-browser, monitor your computer with ease. SpyAnywhere can show you screenshots of the user's actions in realtime, what websites they are visiting, what windows are open, what programs are running, and more. With SpyAnywhere you can quickly get an accurate picture of what remote users are doing.

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Web-based Remote Administration

SpyAnywhere's built in remote administration capabilities allow you to control what programs a user has running and what windows they have open. SpyAnywhere also allows you to remotely view the remote computer's file system, send messages to the user, lock and shutdown the computer, logoff the remote user, view browser histories, and much more.

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